Sporting Dogs

The sporting dogs are the dogs that are the most visible in the south. The most rural and unpretentious homes frequently have expensive hunting dogs playing in their front yard. The most expensive homes are more likely than not to have a Golden Retriever. Like Beagles, Cocker Spaniels shouldn’t have more than one entry at this level of competition. The developments in hunting camera gear is making for some entertaining developments. My favorite thing to do these days is watch the videos made of retrievers fetching real prey, caught on tape by the new wave of trail cameras on market now. I’m even thinking of purchasing one and making my first game camera review. Since the cockers still have a few breed problems, I think it’s excusable. I like this judge. Congratulations to the Weimaraner! Even though they make me think of Sesame Street, I love the big gray ghosts.

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