random questions

Why do I think antique stores are quaint and pawn shops are criminal? Aren’t they both selling used stuff?

Is anyone else bothered that the local flesh market has a sign out front advertising “swing ‘n shag” night?

Why do people care about athletes using steroids, but ignore band students abusing inhalers to artificially enhance their musical abilities?

Isn’t a cheap camera better than no camera?

Can you call yourself a southerner if you don’t eat onions? They put them in everything.

2 thoughts on “random questions

  1. I doubt many antique stores double as sources for stolen merchandies…

    As long as they take the shagging home…

    Band students abusing inhalers???? That’s a new one on me, and I’m a band geek from way back…

    Absolutely. I’ve even taken several great pics with my cell phone, and it takes terrible photos. All depends on the subject matter.

    I don’t care for onions, and I’m a southern geek from way back…

  2. Fill me in on the band students! That’s a new one on me, too! (Band geek here, raising her hand.)

    I second the notion for antique stores typically not selling “hot” items. Otherwise – same animal!

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