how to get a makeover in 6 steps

Sarah's before pictureSarah's after picture
Step one: Have friend cut your hair
Step two: You and friend color each other’s hair with semi-permanent blue
Step three: Watch parents’ reactions
Step four: Go to nice salon
Step five: Strip green-gray color, add good color, cut and style
Step six: New hairstyle with money that was saved for mom’s new camera

7 thoughts on “how to get a makeover in 6 steps

  1. I had my own hair adventure at about that age. Do you have any idea what happens when you try to put blond streaks in dark auburn hair? It isn’t pretty, at all. It is a shade of orange that even the most die-hard of Tennessee fans would avoid. I’m still traumatized by that incident, which lasted several months until it all grew out. Nowadays, my hair color adventures are limited to attempting to cover the gray and keep it close to its natural shade, which is next to impossible to achieve.

    Ms Thang has had her hair in just about every color of the rainbow … blue, pink, purple, black – yes, she had an Emo period too, as well as various shades of red – from a dark auburn much like mine to its current strawberry blond, a la Nicole Kidman, which is very close to her own natural color.

  2. It was green after one shampoo. She got a bright blue streak that won’t fade put in on the right side of her hair. It just doesn’t show well in my picture.

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