you can’t HANDLE the laundry

Dear Maytag, GE, Kenmore, Amana and manufacturers without catchy marketing,

I do our family’s laundry. I sort it, treat it, wash it, dry it, fold it and put it away. The first thing I do every morning is start a load in the washer. The last thing I do every night is put another load in the washer. I walk up and down the stairs and from the washer to the dryer a dozen times every day. I don’t wash anything unusually heavy or dirty. I just wash clothes, towels and bedding. I clean out the lint screen after every load and my husband cleans out the hoses fairly regularly. This is how your machines are supposed to be used. Or so I thought. There doesn’t seem to be a clothes dryer built to withstand the quantity of laundry that 5 active children produce. Prove me wrong. Please. Show me one dryer that is sturdy and longer lasting than a light bulb. If the dryer costs more than a house payment, it is automatically disqualified. Show me your stuff. Until then, I’ll be at the laundromat. The stinky, smoke-filled laundromat with crabby old women who hate children.


P.S. Greenies – Our yard is not “clothesline” friendly. Too many trees.
sunset Amy

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