feeling like the Truman Show

While Busy Mom is preoccupied with tweens going on group dates, my teens are getting “Sweet 16” party invitations. I want to say “Oh, how nice. That sounds like fun.” Instead, I’m thinking about the parties that go so wrong they end up in the local news. Even worse are the ones who end up in the news and proclaim that the antics were perfectly normal for a teenager’s party. I’m a pretty open-minded parent. I think that having all of my children in the delivery room for the youngest child’s birth puts me on the top ten liberals list. I will talk about anything with my children. I expect them to have their own opinions and feelings. I also know that there is a big difference between owning a fire extinguisher and deliberately walking into a burning building. Maybe I’m over-reacting a bit. A weekend out-of-town really does sound like a lot of fun. It’s just that a co-ed group of teens having two overnights with only two chaperones sounds like the recipe for hormones to take over brains.

If this gets back to the party planner, I am sorry I hurt your feelings. It really does sound like a lot of fun. I bet it would be even more fun if it was a girls only weekend.

2 thoughts on “feeling like the Truman Show

  1. While it sounds “fun” I have to agree with you, this sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. I really just don’t get the Sweet 16 overload thing. Have “we” all just set kid’s expectations so high that you have to have “galas” or “balls” or weekend trips for a birthday party?

    It may end up being perfectly OK, and the parents that are going to “chaperone” a group of teens, may dodge a bullet… but that still doesn’t mean it makes sense.

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