I like movies (even the “bad” ones)

I once described Evan as very much like the little boy in Elizabethtown, but nobody saw that movie so it’s a bad point of reference. What if I said he’s a lot like the boy in Catch and Release? Did anyone but me see that one? I can’t explain why, but I really like Catch and Release. No, it’s not just because of the groovy way they filmed the sex scene or the fact that Kevin Smith is charming when he’s not Silent. I can’t get Doug to watch it though. He’s too busy. He’s not too busy to watch 20 minutes of Platoon or The Rock every time he walks by the tv, he’s just too busy for a chick flick. Also, everyone is twittering about it now, but why didn’t anyone tell me that Enchanted is so cute? Just once, I’d like to see people randomly break out into song and dance. Wouldn’t the world be a happier place with more dancing? I could easily write a thesis using Enchanted as my topic’s springboard. On the other hand, Across the Universe is a truly terrible movie, but if you consider each song separately, like MTV in the 80s, it actually has two or three good videos. I have one last movie thought. I know that I had to read Beowulf when I was in high school, but either I didn’t try or my teacher missed the boat on how to capture my attention. Either way, I know the teacher didn’t draw parallels between Beowulf and modern politicians. I suspect we had some Baptist-censored version that added to the confusion. The movie was certainly a lot more fun than the archaic written version we had to read. Angelina’s full frontal is anatomically just like the angels in Dogma, so why not let high schoolers watch it? Beowulf’s target audience is teenage gamers and single adults who still live with their parents isn’t it?

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  1. We finally just watched Enchanted the other night and loved it! I want to break out into a musical number sometime and get everyone to follow me through the park singing the virtues of proper web design.

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