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Now that we are on the last lap of Tommy‘s High School experience, I frequently proclaim my love and affection for his school and all the people there. One of the only things Tommy has done outside of the classroom has been the LAN Club. The LAN teacher has gone above and beyond to teach Tommy the unwritten rules of online gaming. There was no way we could convince Tommy to attend the prom, but we did think we could coerce Tommy to participate in Project Grad. All we had to do was convince the Project Grad planners to add a LAN area and Tommy wouldn’t be able to resist. I called my mother to explain project Grad.
Me: “It’s an all night lock-in party for seniors the night they graduate.”
Granny: “Oh, we did something like that when I was in school. Except it wasn’t a lock-in and there weren’t any chaperones. Also, it was on the beach and we went surfing for hours.”
Me: “Okay, that sounds like a television show and not like something real people get to do.”

The Project Grad parents were receptive and enthusiastic about the idea of a LAN area at their event once I explained LAN and gaming. They also figured out very quickly that they should delegate the work to someone with a vested interest in the LAN. Maybe they were nervous about the trio of Aspie graduates who would be using the room as their safe space all night. Either way, ta-daa! Doug and I are in charge of the LAN area at Project Grad and I immediately retitled our assignment, Project LAN. If Think Geek wasn’t so busy with today’s special product sales, I would whine and beg for prize donations from them. Instead, I’ll just make lists of things we need and things we need to do before the LAN party, I mean Project Grad.

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  1. If you need any help let me know. I know what an accomplishment this is for all of you and the Project Lan makes it possible for the three people who probably had to work the hardest to be able to enjoy one of the rewards along with their peer group.

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