we’re hogging the crayons

The host for our sites doesn’t like us any more. We are now exchanging terse letters of frustration. They are frustrated because our “sites put an unfair burden on the servers.” Our frustration is based on bewilderment as to how we could possibly be abusing bandwidth. Is our host too small? Are they comcasting us into bigger and better plans? Is this a common problem for bloggers or just another one of those weird things that seem to only happen to us?

5 thoughts on “we’re hogging the crayons

  1. There was some discussion on Twitter about this last night… since there are quite a few of us paying somebody else for hosting. Probably this might come up in discussion tonight.

  2. We actually have a decent host. It’s one specific site, which happens to be Reality Me, that is causing excessive load on the server. I have figure out if I’ve done something or if it is a traffic issue as the there have been a couple of unusual spikes. Since these are WordPress blogs we probably should be using the plugin wp-cache or the super cache one.

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