mother nature is cruel

Having to go to bed when it is still light outside and the weather is flawless? Cruel. I know because my 5-year-old has to complain about it every single night. “Can I stay up till dark when it’s summer?”

Being unable to enjoy the aforementioned weather because allergies make your eyes bleed and your brain melt? Cruel. Although the children ignore their misery up to a point, I sit in the house with my face mashed up against the window like I’m looking into a candy store. Did our ancestors have allergies or are we just a generation of whiners? “No mammoth tonight. Throat feel tickly.”

2 thoughts on “mother nature is cruel

  1. Sure there were allergies before, but we as a whole have grown far more intolerant of so much since we became anti-bacterial conscience.

    In other words, mess with Mother Nature and you get the horns.

  2. I actually had to move bedtime for my girls. They were in bed at 7:30 (lights out by 8 at the latest), but now it’s still light out until almost 8:30!

    And yes, they say if you keep an incredibly clean house, your children will actually be sick more because they’re not exposed to the allergens that they build the immunity from. Same goes for households with no pets.

    No one ever has to worry about my house being too clean. Heh.

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