One last Zappos post

Even though I called Zappos for help less than 5 minutes after putting an order on my credit card when I thought I was still setting up my account, the solution wasn’t what I expected. I naively asked them to cancel the order and let me make a new order. They said the credit was applied and everything would be fine. Their definition of fine is slightly different than mine. Nothing was canceled. The charge went through the bank this morning and the credit will be applied in 2 – 10 business days. I heard Doug’s reaction all the way upstairs, followed immediately by his Twitter reaction. This little experiment in online retailing was less than successful. Obviously, my shopping muscle has atrophied from non-usage. I think I’ll just crawl back in my cave and focus on the laundry and dishes for a while.

One thought on “One last Zappos post

  1. Gosh, I’m so sorry about your situation. My name is Rob and I’m a Manager in the Zappos Customer Loyalty Team. Our CEO Tony Hsieh forwarded me your blog and we would like to make this right for you. Our Resource Desk team is aware of your situation and you can contact them at 800-927-7670. If you would like to speak with me directly please ask them to connect you with me. Since we don’t have your order information or name, please let them know you are the customer who blogged about their poor experience. I really hope we hear from you soon. Again, I sincerely apologize for what happened.

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