my friends have their own opinions

There are people I consider my friend because of blogging. It is what brought us together, but it isn’t what tears us apart. We are not friends because we agree on everything. We are friends partially because we see in each other the passion that makes us blog and defend our opinions. Mostly though, we are friends because they are just wonderful people. Sometimes, we disagree and toss words back and forth on various blogs and social networking sites. In person, we are just friends. I don’t think our friendship is unusual. Then again, the man I love with all of my heart and I don’t see eye to eye on everything and we’re okay with that. He lets me use the words “hare-brained scheme” and “paranoid conspiracy theory” without getting offended. I let him be ridiculous. Actually, I count on him to know when I need a hug and when I need a swift kick in the rear. That’s a pretty big responsibility. Maybe he’s not as crazy as I claim he is. Either way, we are very lucky to have friends who tolerate our craziness.

5 thoughts on “my friends have their own opinions

  1. Amen Sister… that’s how the social contract works. BTW we had an impromptu mini-girl blogger lunch today. You have fans. We will invite you to the next one. So you can bask in the adoration of your public. I’ll send duct tape so Evan can be babysat ;>

  2. “Maybe he’s not as crazy as I claim he is.”

    Are you talking about the guy I sat across from at a sports bar who studied the menu for an hour? 😉

  3. You studied a menu for an hour? Let’s do dinner sometime. You can study. I’ll write my own menu. Let’s see who’s more happy with dinner.

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