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If you are running behind on your LOST viewing and don’t want to read about what has my brain in a twist, go to: Dark UFO.

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Let’s talk about Claire. I fall into the she’s gotta be dead camp. Eventually, someone is going to go back to Ben’s cabin and we are going to see that Claire’s body is still in one of the bedrooms. Apparently, when you are dead, you are soooo calm and accepting of everything that you don’t care if your baby is in a war zone. The thing I don’t like is Claire sitting around smiling with the father that she barely knew instead of with Charlie. He died for her and he has to spend all his time at the crazy hospital while she gets to be in the Tardis? That’s just not right.

How about Locke? He spent his entire life fighting his destiny. He deliberately chose the wrong object. He said no to science camp. He only moved toward his destiny AFTER destiny threw him out of a window. From the moment he started moving toward his destiny, Ben started being pulled away from his. Are Ben and Locke the island’s Cain and Abel? Did Emily say no to one son while the other son said no to his Emily?

Was giant ego Jack supposed to avoid Keamy or go running to him? I’m thinking avoid. Is Smokey really all of the island’s dead spirits acting together as a unified force? Why didn’t they kill more of Keamy’s bad guys? Is the island in a different dimension that allows it to move through time and space? Are the four toes on the giant statue a reference to the fourth dimension?

I really like Barry’s Clash of the Pirate Titans theory. Take it a step further to the fact that there is no reproduction on the island. The Titans travel time and space to give birth elsewhere. Their children are the “gods” who are the earth-bound royalty. Locke is the most obvious example. What about Claire? Do we know for certain who the father of her baby is in the grand scheme of LOST mythology? Remember the artwork in Australia matching the artwork in the first hatch?

I still think the series will end where it began. The plane will crash on the island, but this time, things will have been corrected so that the events after the crash are completely different.

Didn’t last night’s episode feel like they waved the answers right in front of us, but just beyond our reach?

9 thoughts on “LOST (spoilers warning)

  1. I actually figured out all the answers last night in a blinding flash of insight, but something rippled in the space/time continuum and I forgot them…

  2. I think your last sentence there is dead on. Also, Barry has some interesting ideas in his Lost post today, too, about the descendants of that first ship wrecked on the island.

  3. I’m really hoping they come back to the statue, because it has always bugged me that it was seen, then nothing. And I wonder if moving the island relates in any way to the second island that Ben showed Sawyer way back when. I also wonder how many other “survivors” are dead, like Claire, but moving around like Horace?

  4. While I have no doubt something spoke to Locke in his dream, whether it was actually Horace, or his ghost, or not is up in the air. So I wouldn’t put a ton of stock in him being a ghost. I thought from the previews we’d see him turn up haunting Jacob’s cabin, or at least be one of the “hallucinations” people tend to see on the island, but like Locke seeing Boone in his Indian-whatever fever-dream a couple seasons back, I think this was similar. It was the island appearing to him in a dream and taking a particular form.

  5. Also, the second island that’s just off the coast of the main one is where the Hydra Station is located. So it’s a real island, in close proximity to where the main one has been all these years. If they succeed in actually moving the main island in space to another part of the ocean, whether Hydra Island tags along for the ride remains to be seen.

  6. If you believe Hurley, there’s no hope for any of them. Including Walt, Aaron and the Tail Section kids. And I don’t like thinking about that.

  7. The final episode with be and hour and a half of the cast sitting on a beach in Hawaii, drinking beer (with all their keys locked up), and laughing as they explain to the camera, “See! It’s just a TV show and you made us a bunch of money! Thanks! Dude. This Cloverfield thing sucks.”

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