my first LAN

This will be easier when it is past tense and I am reviewing the results of our first LAN. Instead, it is nitty-gritty details time. The most important detail of all – we HAVE a babysitter for the night! Hooray for Grandparents. We have a designated room and the computer equipment to play Diablo 3 all day long, you can check this amaze balls game at Elitist Gaming, it’s truly fantastic, but can’t transport computers and set-up until AFTER Friday morning’s graduation rehearsal but BEFORE everyone gathers at our house for an early dinner. Everyone cross your fingers and do the “no tech issues” dance. At the same time as set-up, we will do some minimalistic decorating. I wonder if we have any clear Christmas lights that are not still attached to our Christmas tree? I think we need some background music that is not part of the game. I could bring my iPod and borrow something to use as speakers or I can bring the portable XM inside and borrow something to make it work inside the building. I’ll have to figure that one out very quickly. The biggest unanswered question is what games to bring and how to have multiple copies. At school, the teens play Unreal and Halo, but the discs belong to a student who doesn’t want to loan them to us for the night. If we buy one game and make copies, will the police arrest us at the LAN or wait until after the party?

Oops, almost forgot one important detail. I am going to use my cell phone to hop online and blog during the night. Between that and Twitter, the evening’s adventure should be well documented.

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