I’ve got nothing

Natural disasters, wars, accidents, illnesses and George Bush. The news is too depressing to watch. I spent my day cleaning and the house is STILL too filthy for visitors. Doug made me a cake unlike any cake I have ever had before. I asked him to take all the children to Boy Scouts so I could have an hour to myself. I mopped the floors for that hour. Now, I’m out of my cleaning supplies. I’m tired. My hands smell like dust. I still don’t have Tommy’s graduation gift. Or food for Friday. At least I am not hysterical yet.

Pssst, thank you Jay!

2 thoughts on “I’ve got nothing

  1. I swear we live parallel lives. I could clean for hours and it’d still be too filthy for visitors.

    Why is cleaning mode an upgrade on the model kids we have? It should be a standard.

  2. One child told me to make one wish for my birthday. I asked him to clean his room. He looked like a deer in headlights for a minute before saying “how about a hug instead.”

    Fortunately, all but one visitor accepts the way we live. That one visitor makes up for everyone else’s tolerance with their behavior.

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