best day ever

Seriously. I know tomorrow we are back to reality, but we have just had one awesome day after another lately. I am still on a happy high. Thursday night, Tommy had a class party at Versus. The students and parents at the party have experienced more turmoil than most people could even imagine. Thursday night, everyone was smiling. Students, teachers and parents were just bursting with excitement. The building was probably hovering from all the good vibes inside it. Doug and I snuck away for fifteen minutes so that I could go somewhere I have never been. We went in MagPies and bought cupcakes. It’s a good thing Magpies isn’t near home, because I could seriously become addicted. Yummy is an understatement.

Friday morning, Amy sang the Star Spangled Banner at her school. Too much cuteness. The day’s errands blurred together as we brought home the new family member, set-up and decorated the LAN room at Project Grad (with a LOT of help from a friend) and spent too little time with the extended family who came to be a part of Tommy’s big day. Friday night, I was the mom with the big, goofy grin on her face. Unexpected guests came to see Tommy walk the stage and I was so surprised that I almost lost my composure. We made one last second run backstage to check on Tommy before the long ceremony. Tommy was completely calm. As we RAN back across the floor of Thompson Boling, teachers, principals and a school board member acknowledged Tommy. I thought my heart would explode from the joy and pride. After the ceremony, there was so much hugging and happiness that I thought we wouldn’t make it out of Thompson Boling.

The LAN room was definitely a success. In the beginning, we had the Asperger kids and few hardcore gamers. When they all took a break for food (the mountains and mountains of food), a group of rowdy guys came in to play. The trash talk was flying and the female companion wannabees lingered as close to the boys as possible without actually draping themselves over the new graduates. Extremely entertaining. After that group wandered off, the girls came in the room. This was the funniest group of the night. The girls travel in pairs, with two to each computer and instead of trash talk and whoops at kills, there was giggling and whispers. The girls left and all the students gathered for raffle drawings. I morphed into set strike mode and we put the room back together at world record speed. As the sun peeked over the horizon, we raced to return the borrowed computers and get to our own bed. Never has a bed felt as comfortable as our bed felt that early morning.

We slept Saturday away and impulsively went downtown to see a movie with friends later that night. More sleeping followed by lounging have left me with a house that is a wreck and a giant pile of dirty laundry, but I don’t care. Today, it’s all good. Tommy is happy and that makes me happy.

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  1. Is it totally pitiful that as soon as I saw the title “Best Day Ever” in google reader, I was already hearing SpongeBob singing that song in my head BEFORE I saw that you had linked to it? We are so goofy!

    I am so glad that you have had such an incredible week. You and your family deserve it. You’ve got memories from this week that you will never forget. We’re happy for you!

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