Grandaddy says

Grandaddy: “Gay Street? There’s nothing on Gay Street.”
Me: “There are restaurants, shops, a high-tech arcade, a movie theater . . . ”
Grandaddy: “No. Downtown is a dive. Nobody goes there. What are your plans for when your brothers are visiting?”
Me: “I thought we’d see if the fountains at the Candy factory are working.”
Grandaddy: “That place has run down completely.”
Me: “What? We were there a few months ago.”
Grandaddy: “It’s where the college kids go to smoke dope now.”
Me: “I seriously doubt that.” thinking that the students go someplace more discreet
Grandaddy: “I read it in the paper. It’s a drug hangout now.”
Me: wondering if his print edition is THAT different from the online one that I read “Okay, dad.”
Grandaddy: “We should go someplace nice, like the park with the pond and ducks near that restaurant you and Doug like.”
Me: “Litton’s.”
Grandaddy: “Yes.”
Me: thinking – I’m wearing the snake.

3 thoughts on “Grandaddy says

  1. I love experts… especially experts who don’t know what they’re talking about. Your father sounds so much like some of my family members… wear the snake. After I get my ankle tattoo I may need to borrow the snake. Might as well… my Mom’s going to stroke all the way out anyway.

  2. I am disappointed that he didn’t refer to the pot heads as “hippies”, that would have made it perfect;)

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