Amy says:

Me: “You are a first grader now.”
Amy: “No. I’m staying in Kindergarten.”
Me: “No. You will be at the same school, but you’ll have a new teacher so you can learn new things.”
Amy: “No. Miss C is gonna hide us in our cubbies so we never hafta leave her class.”
Me: “Miss C was just joking because she loves you and will miss you.”
Amy: “No. She’s serious. We’re really hiding in our cubbies.”
Me: “Amy, you need to learn first grade things now. You will have a brand new adventure next year.”
Amy: scowling and growling “I am NOT. I am staying with Miss C forever!”

I would be worried about her kindergarten teacher being a sociopath if she wasn’t one of the best teachers we have EVER had. She quietly wove sensory integration into the daily routine, made every child feel loved and focused on each child’s strengths. Besides, she used to work on Sesame Street.

One thought on “Amy says:

  1. We have gone through a similar experience every single year.

    This year was the worst, because the 3rd graders were telling all the second grades what an evil witch the 3rd grade teacher was.

    But as I am sure you are aware, Miss C will be a distant memory by the time fall rolls around.

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