Steve & Barry’s

After hearing repeatedly about the inexpensive (made in sweatshops) clothing at Steve and Barry’s, we finally decided to trek East to see the store for ourselves. I walked down the middle of the aisle with Amy while Sarah looked at clothes. I did my very best imitation of Mr.Spock. “Yes, that shirt is blue.” The key is to express neither like nor dislike. The entire women’s area looked like it was designed for teenagers. The clothes are cute and very low price. Sarah was thrilled. We came upon one of several printed t-shirt areas. I had to break character. “No. That shirt has a different meaning.” Sarah got annoyed with my intolerance for the shirt humor and went to try on a pair of pants. Doug came walking up. I started to complain about the messages on the ladies’ shirts and he interrupted me to tell me that he just kicked Noah out of the men’s t-shirt area. I might be willing to drive out to the country to visit this store in the future, but not with the children along. The t-shirt messages are the kind of messages you see in shops along the beach in spring break towns. Alcohol, drugs and very blatant sexual innuendo. It’s not the ones that my children see and know are inappropriate that is the problem as much as the ones that they don’t understand and want to argue with me about. “What’s wrong with this shirt?” I answer my children’s questions when they come in the course of normal events, but if shopping means explaining drug humor and sexual behaviors, I think it would be easier to just shop somewhere else.

2 thoughts on “Steve & Barry’s

  1. I agree with you…I don’t want to explain what a saying or picture on a shirt means to my children either.

  2. I’m slowly throwing out my husband’s inappropriate saying tank tops and sweatshirts. That’s the advantage of doing the laundry. Things just suddenly disappear.

    I have some fun shirts myself, but none that are drug or sexually related – unless you think that “Some days it’s hardly worth chewing through the restraints” is about bondage. *snerk*

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