live in a shack and drive a Cadillac

You know the just out of college people with no furniture in their apartment, but a monster stereo in their living room? How about the people who live in a shack held up with the remnants of the phone pole they crashed into who have a brand new car in their driveway? We are those people. Sort of. All of our belongings are equally broken in and they match the giant unfinished home improvement project that is our house. Until recently. We went down several notches when the sofa went to the great landfill in the sky and the children’s beanbags took residence in the living room. Yesterday, someone gave us a wonderful, real wood entertainment center. Now, our living room has one piece of real furniture, surrounded by beanbags. Beanbags that the dogs sleep in when they aren’t wrestling. It looks like a television shrine from Simon. Luckily, I know the solution to this problem. I know what would make the living room look calm and cozy instead of thrown together haphazardly. Fresh paint on the walls. Oh sure, I thought I was going to paint the living room last week. Doug found a way to keep me from making a paint disaster that he would have to rescue. He slapped spackle all over the walls and said it had to “set for a few days” before it could be sanded. It’s been a few days. Time to come up with a new excuse dear.

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  1. That is totally us. When we got new carpet in 2 rooms a year and a half ago I felt all special even though the rest of the house is falling apart around us! Same when we got a much needed new fridge.

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