random movie thoughts

  • If your child cried when Wall-E the ROBOT was in danger, why would you take them to see Coraline?
  • Does Jack Black still get the Nickelodeon seal of approval after the scene in Tropic Thunder when he is tied to a tree?
  • Why do I feel guilty that Tom Cruise’s dance in Tropic Thunder makes me laugh out loud when I am unwaveringly anti-Scientology?
  • Does Bill Murray’s ex-wife cheer at the end of City of Ember?
  • Why does City of Ember look like an amusement park ride?
  • Why don’t I have tickets to Watchmen?
  • Why are my daughter’s friends obsessed with 80’s movies?

Coraline spoiler that isn’t a spoiler: If someone in your family is an avid “Punch Buggy” player, do NOT sit next to that person during Coraline.

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