Dr. Barghouti & Baltzer on The Daily Show

Watching Dr. Barghouti and Anna Baltzer on The Daily Show could have been informative and insightful. Instead, it was awkward. Not only did Anna Baltzer not get to contribute to the interview, she looked a like a decorative prop. Instead of the pairing looking like an Israeli and Palestinian working together, it looked like they picked an attractive American willing to sit beside Dr. Barghouti. You can find an American to support anything. There’s probably a pro-Cannibalism group in America. To have a talk show speaking tour partner sit silently and smile even when the audience is rude reeks of manipulation. This pairing just diminished the story that Ms. Baltzer has to tell. Let Ms. Baltzer back on the show without Dr. Barghouti. Dr. Barghouti should have been accompanied by an Israeli citizen.

Then, an appeal came from Reddit for people to send in letters of support. Support for what? Ms. Baltzer didn’t get to share her experiences and describe her goals. She looked subservient. Support for Dr. Barghouti? He spoke, but his words were not convincing for or against his ideas. Support for The Daily Show? The Daily Show will do as well with this odd episode as it will with the interviews that are funny or clever. The Reddit appeal on top of this uncomfortable guest interview is insincere.

The Daily Show needs to try again. Maybe with guests who have as much sympathy for Israelis as they have for Palestinians.

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