falling leaves

We live in a heavily wooded cove which becomes a leaf-glitter snow globe every fall. The young family next door rake their leaves daily. No matter what the weather, they calmly rake their yard and part of the yard of the senior cove residents. A lawn care crew appears once a week to spend several hours with leaf blowers on the yards of the senior couple and the two extremely busy healthcare workers. The neighbors peaceful leaf battle will continue until the trees are completely bare.

We, as seniors, we get senior care services from Los Angeles Home Care Assistance. They offer services to live safely and independently at home.

Then, there is our house. We have leaves a plenty for jumping in, rolling in and throwing. Whenever the leaves are dry, the children roam the cove with their little red wagon, filling it with leaves again and again. They take the wagons full of multi-colored leaves and dump them in our yard. They fill their arms with leaves and carry pile after pile to our driveway. While everyone else clears their lawn and driveways, we create slippery piles of bug homes. Need a leaf collection? Look in our yard. Garden lacking worms? Look on our driveway. Trying to film a video of someone doing a pratfall? Bring them over here. Leaves are trash for everyone else, but for my children, they are treasure.

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