volunteering at school is educational

If you want to break into children’s publishing, write/illustrate a picture book about an obscure holiday. A kindergarten class full of newly short hairstyles is a class with hair parasites. Dr. Seuss Week makes students happier than Pajama Day, Movie Day OR holiday party days. Everyone needs time to slow down.


SuperTween: “*Hey, Mom. Do you know how people dressed in the *80’s?” *My children think my name is HeyMom. I’m Stacee Jaxx’s monkey. *They also think I have only existed exactly as I look, dress and behave at this moment in time.

deliberate bruises

Once upon a time, first aid kits included snake venom extractors. StacheMan was in high school when he learned what they do. Professor Teen learned about venom extractors in middle school. Snake venom extractors are now passé. Professionals discourage the usage of the suction devices. Sawyer will probably never know that such devices exist. That’s […]

dreaming of wakefulness

As I tucked the edges of the blanket that would soon be kicked to the floor under Sawyer, he asked me to lean close so that he could tell me something important. I tilted my head and put my ear near his face. Sawyer popped his arms out of the blanket cocoon and turned my […]

Tales from the family bed

Part one: Sometime between midnight and two in the morning, Sawyer crawls in our bed to snuggle, twirl and steal blankets. It’s something he has always done. The only change in this routine is that for the past year, instead of immediately crawling between us, he stands beside sleeping Dad and softly whispers, “Can I […]