Google Voicemail of the day

“Hey Mister, this is Doctor Bartlett here in high school parish for your information we will hold of interest meetings regarding torn Roman opportunities for rising juniors and seniors on Thursday February with at 6 PM. The library dole Roman is your Charles, Jan Stern College credit and hustle credit is a high school students with a partnership between beer and high school info, City, State, rustic community colleges at 3 point out Tennessee lottery GPA just wanna call vacations to take into one on the course and review your Student Registration Information this week. Please consider the don’t know option in plan to attend the meeting to game more information. Thank you. Have a Great Day.”

I like the Hustle credit and beer partnerships for high school students. Surely disco and alcohol will raise their ACT scores. If not, maybe we’ll get a voicemail about roller skates and suspenders.

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