praw-leans, pra-lynes

The grandparents brought a box of pitch perfect pralines back from their trip to New Orleans. It took less than five minutes to recognize that Doug has a devotion to pralines that I reserve for dark chocolate.

Doug: “I can’t decide if I want to eat a praline or a bowl of ice cream.”
Me: “Fix a bowl of ice cream and stick a praline on top.”
Doug’s head spun completely around and laser beams shot out of his eyes. Let’s call it Sci-Fi Linda Blair.

I poked at the hornet’s nest with a stick. “Are there chocolate coated pralines?” “I wonder what a bacon wrapped praline would taste like.” “Do carnivals have deep fried pralines?” Want to watch Doug twitch like Sheldon Cooper? Suggest a new recipe for pralines. Then, stand back.

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