not a stranger if you sit and talk

While sitting cross legged on the floor, a toddler spontaneously sat down in my lap. A tiny, non-verbal, little person who didn’t weigh a thing thought I looked like a comfy chair. I didn’t even get to say hello before his mother snatched him up and screeched, “Stranger!” She dragged him away lecturing about strangers being “bad, very bad” while the small child looked at me.

Does it make a difference that this took place in the hallway of a preschool? How about the fact that this hallway is only accessible by using the chip in your preschool issued ID badge to get through the locked door?

Everything about it made me feel . . . sad, very sad.

2 thoughts on “not a stranger if you sit and talk

  1. I didn’t know what to do. Couldn’t wave bye-bye, because that would be wrong if I’m a bad guy. I just sat there and did nothing.

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