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Toy Story 3
Beautiful. Fans of the first two Toy Story movies will appreciate the continuity and new fans won’t feel like they’re missing something. Before the movie, I accidentally read an article that said the writers thought about “The Great Escape” when they wrote this movie. I don’t want to spoil “The Great Escape” for anyone, but it doesn’t have a happy ending. That review combined with nearly every single person who saw Toy Story 3 writing that they cried during the movie made me very nervous. I didn’t want my children heart-broken over a movie. My worries were for naught. The children were the only people in our group who didn’t cry, but we ALL loved the conclusion of this trilogy. Unlike other studios that think a family movie is inappropriate jokes book-ended by flatulence humor, Pixar knows exactly how to reach out and pluck the heartstrings of the parents whose children watch their movies. It is more subtle than “Up,” but it is no less effective. See Toy Story 3 on the big, big screen.

Amy & Evan’s review: “Let’s go see it AGAIN!”

They were trying too hard. I laughed out loud a few times, but the actors just looked uncomfortable in their characters. They clearly wanted the plot to be a surprise to the audience, but it was much too easy to see from the very beginning. The grandparents and small children in our group fell asleep during this one. The teen boys in our group did stare at the screen with grins on their faces the entire movie. Wait and get this one from Redbox or Netflix.

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  1. Excellent job on the reviews, and I would personally have to say that I thought you were dead on in both cases (including “where” to see them).

    My one problem that came of Toy Story 3 was not my daughter getting upset (directly), so much as now she wants to ensure toys she no longer plays with find “good homes”

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