“We’re here for a football game.”
“I see popcorn! Can we get popcorn instead of football?”

“The band is going to play music and then the football players will run on the field.”
“Are the footballers still eating their popcorn?”

“Why is that lady eating peanuts when there’s popcorn?”

“The band is going to sit while the football players play.”
“The band might get all the popcorn.”

“Do you need to go potty?”
“No. I need to go popcorn.”

Evan leaned toward me with a bit of a pucker, so I leaned closer to him in expectation of a smack on the cheek. Instead of a kiss, I felt his tiny tongue repeatedly tapping my cheek like the world’s smallest jackhammer. I pulled away and looked at his grinning face. “Evan! Why did you do that?” “Because, I am popcorn.”

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