Dear Kindergarten teacher,

I am certain that you have a lengthy list of observations and advice to help my youngest child be a better student. I really do want to work as a team to help Evan. I’m actually quite surprised that I have not been called in for a conference with you or the Vice Principal before now. It’s no secret that Evan is extremely free spirited and more than slightly indulged by all of his older siblings. His parents might occasionally giggle when they should be tsk-tsking.

That said, please do not mention Ritalin during our conference tomorrow. If you do, I will be so busy having a silent monologue in my head that I won’t hear anything else you say to me. Evan does not need medicating. He needs to know that there is a time and place for creative antics. He doesn’t need that creativity numbed with chemicals. He needs to learn self control. He doesn’t need something else to control him. Evan is awesome.

One thought on “Dear Kindergarten teacher,

  1. Perhaps you could agree to water him down with transfusions of Noah’s much more mellow blood.

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