If it’s not the newest, it’s just not

Last week at a Boy Scout meeting –
“Is that an iPad 2?”
“No, but…”

Seriously? Up until the person at scouts who was so horrified by my old geezer iPad that he had to “ew” and walk away, people have always been eager to discuss their favorite apps or ask for reasons they could use as an excuse to buy an iPad. Unless your primary iPad need is video conferencing, the moldy oldy original is still an awesome tool. If your only reason for the iPad 2 is to keep up with the Joneses, you are going to have one seriously miserable life. Technology evolves at the speed of light, but there are only so many hours in the day to camp out in lines at the Apple store and spend setting up the new hotness that will have a newer version available before you have stopped tenderly cradling yours long enough to crack the screen.

One thought on “If it’s not the newest, it’s just not

  1. Honestly, I don’t see the iPad 2 being anything more than really an iPad 1.5. It does nothing but bring the features that SHOULD HAVE been in the 1st edition.

    And while you assume that this person doesn’t like it SOLELY because it isn’t the latest and greatest, it could have simply been because for many people (myself included) the 1st gen iPad was a joke when considered as a business tool.

    Though certainly a better explaination than “Ew” could have been offered. I mean, even as snarky as I tend to be with iPad owners (I have been known to offer condolences to lost hard earned cash to iPad owners), I always at least offer an explanation of “why” to go along with it.

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