Get off my lawn – underwear edition

Not even during my pregnancies, did I ever wear granny panties. With that nearly tma disclaimer out of the way, I sometimes think that the evil accounting person who budgeted less fabric for Victoria’s Secret underwear has conspired with their marketing department to pull the greatest advertising trick of all time. They have billions of women convinced that underwear is not supposed to cover the entire backside. Yes, those models have beautiful bottoms, but they are not wearing underwear that fit. Women have been marketed badly fitting clothing so that manufacturers can use less resources on their products. Everyone notices when packages of food contain less product. Why don’t they notice that they are getting less clothing? Just say no to this tomfoolery. If you want your fanny hanging out, go commando. If you are wearing underwear, wear underwear that fit.

Make sure they are clean in case you get in an accident.

3 thoughts on “Get off my lawn – underwear edition

  1. thats one place im sure most guys (including doug) would NOT complain about the company being conservative with the cloth.

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