4 thoughts on “It’s okay to be Takei!

  1. Yep, its OK to be Takei. Or gay. Or heck, it’s even OK to BE a pedophile. But for many people, it is NOT OK to DO some of the things that Takei, gays, and pedophiles do.

    Further, for many, those activities are sinful. Morally wrong. An abomination before God. (I am sure though, that in the name of religious tolerance, those beliefs will be allowed, yes?) But what not many realize is that it is also sinful condone sinful behavior.

    So, when gay “rights” activists insist that everyone accept their behavior as acceptable, they are demanding that we commit sin …. just so they won’t be offended.

    Some religious tolerance please. But I won’t ask for a defense of how those peaceful, loving, tolerant Muslims deal with gays. It might hurt your pretty little head.

  2. I completely understand religious tolerance. However, religious beliefs should not influence law. Because a politician has a religious/moral opposition to someone being gay, does not give him the right or basis to propose a law banning my child from saying the word gay in school. If the reverse were the case, I propose a law banning your child from saying Jesus Christ in school, wouldn’t you have a problem with it?

  3. I am so sick of “Christians” and other sanctimonious idiots using the word “pedophile” or “bestiality” in the same breath as “homosexual.”
    Whether you equate these things as equally morally reprehensible is immaterial. Saying that gays are child molesters or animal diddlers is like saying that all Christians are intolerant hypocrites who are at this moment scratching their head in confusion that they didn’t get sucked up into the sky this morning. Your call for “tolerance” is as lame as the next person’s. Tolerance is pathetic. Understanding, maturity and wisdom is a better goal.

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