Bye summer. Hello school.

After Zoo Camp times two, Jedi Camp, Apple Camp, Boy Scout Camp and an unsupervised beach vacation for the girl teens, summer break has ended. The backpacks have been scrubbed clean of exploded deodorants and pencil shavings and filled with all of the requested school supplies. Flip-flops have become weekend shoes and new sneakers are neatly stacked on each child’s backpack.

We have teacher assignments, class schedules and a city bus pass. We have met our new teachers and the two youngest children have filled their classroom desks with supplies. Well, Amy neatly arranged her desk and gently placed a single sharpened pencil in the groove at the top of the desk. Evan shoved everything inside his desk, declared “done” and bolted out of the classroom.

Tomorrow morning, Noah will ride a city bus to his brand new school. Monday, the two youngest will begin school. Two weeks later, Sarah will take the long, long Megabus ride to New York.

I miss them already.
school year's eve

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