Bye summer. Hello school.

After Zoo Camp times two, Jedi Camp, Apple Camp, Boy Scout Camp and an unsupervised beach vacation for the girl teens, summer break has ended. The backpacks have been scrubbed clean of exploded deodorants and pencil shavings and filled with all of the requested school supplies. Flip-flops have become weekend shoes and new sneakers are […]

summer reading

Ahhh, June first and the start of summer fun school assignments. The youngest children don’t have formal assignments, so they get to choose their own books and we casually work on specific skills. Evan excels at numbers, so we are learning what sounds belong to each letter. Amy’s reading and writing abilities are amazing, so […]

hiding out

I have no personal space. I thought about hiding in our bedroom closet until I realized that it is filled with everyone’s stuff but mine. It’s not fair to hide in someone else’s clothes. You would think the bathroom would be a safe place for privacy, but you’d be wrong. Even the newest 4-y-o picks […]

Scholastic Parents

This month, I am one of five guest bloggers at Scholastic Parent Voices. Click over and leave a comment so I don’t feel lonely. Right now, we’re talking about making summer plans in a tough economy.

Why did Sarah have blood on her face?

Even though NOBODY asked, I’m going to explain why Sarah had blood on her face and shirt after Color Guard practice a few weeks ago. Why? Because in ten years, the story will either be forgotten or blown completely out of proportion. For the record, the Color Guard was outside practicing. She didn’t see it […]

fun with fireflies

Fun for everyone: Catching fireflies. Fun for children: Letting fireflies go free in the house. Fun for nobody: Forgetting to let fireflies go free.