Dear Terra Nova,

Let’s be honest. You are not going to be back next season. Terra Nova was a fun concept that was executed like the original Land of the Lost. As your audience is not single digit age, filled with 90% sugar cereal and sitting six inches from the television screen, you seriously underwhelmed everyone. Accept the impending bulldozing of your set and act accordingly.

Don’t even attempt to continue the long term story arc. Kill a main character or three every episode. Draw smiley faces in your digital backdrops. Put saddles on the raptors. Use the awful excuse for future medicine to create zombies. Have the cast of Glee be guest stars and feed them to the dinosaurs who are enraged by AutoTune.

Let Terra Nova go down in a blistering blaze of awfulness that can never be equalled. In doing so, you could be immortalized in pop culture vocabulary more prominently than jumping the shark. Aren’t dinosaurs just land sharks without a sense of humor?

Have fun storming’ the past.


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