Entertaining myself. And others.

I like holidays. They are picnics on the journey of life. Some picnics are full of fun. Other picnics are reflective. Every so often, a bear steals your basket of food and the picnic is just something you’re happy to survive. Valentine’s Day is a quick snack and toss the frisbee picnic.

I walked in the Boy Scout merchandise store with one goal in mind, Doug’s gift for Valentine’s Day. As I usually do, I meandered and picked out more than I intended. When I arrived at the register, I plopped my pile of olive colored items on the counter. Unlike most stores that silently ring your purchases, the Boy Scout store employees try to be helpful and make sure that you are getting the right equipment.

“Ohhh honey, these are the knee socks. You want the crew socks instead.”
“No. I came in to buy the knee socks. The other stuff is impulse.”
“You want the knee socks for your husband?”
“I have always told him how much I think that grown men in shorts and knee socks is dorky. I also told him that if he went off the deep end with scouting, he would have to wear the dork socks. Well, he has crossed over to the dark side. He has three different scout meetings this week and camping or activities absolutely every weekend.”
“Oh, he crossed to the dark side and set up camp there. Knee socks it is.”

3 thoughts on “Entertaining myself. And others.

  1. I don’t know you guys personally, but I would have thought you would have problems with BSA’s policies on religion, nonbelievers, and homosexuality.

  2. That is the most polite way that I have ever been asked that question. Thank you for that. Is it okay if I answer that in a post?

  3. Sure, I was just curious, and I have two young boys myself. We haven’t faced it yet, but probably will.

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