Why do you scout?

Because I am a liberal who respects science and believes relationships should be based on love instead of anatomy, I am frequently asked why my family participates in Boy Scouts. The short answer is that Boy Scouting is a scout centric program.

When my sons first expressed an interest in Boy Scouts, I was concerned. I didn’t want them being taught to hate people. As soon as I met the Scout leader, I knew that despite the homophobic hate that comes from adults in administration, what happens on the troop level is nothing short of wonderful. Every scout is guided toward self confidence as they discover how capable they are. There is no time for politics when everyone is working together to climb a mountain.

Scouts learn courage and strength by doing the things that technology can’t do for them. They crawl in tiny caves, cross fast moving water and use fire as a tool. In the beginning of their scouting career, scouts lean on others. In the blink of an eye, those same scouts become leaders. When your focus is lifting each other up, there is no dragging each other down.

While it is possible that our Boy Scout troop’s attitude of working together to be your best is the exception, I suspect that it is the norm. The other scout families that we have met have been more like us than different from us. We all want to raise confident children who know how to work as a team to be a success. Deep down inside, we know that our children are learning to be better people than their parents AND the scout admins who have time to waste on social issues.

6 thoughts on “Why do you scout?

  1. Very well put, Cathy. Scouts in the media has nothing to do with actual scouting and how great it can be for kids.

  2. The current Pope was a member of the Hitler youth. That probably seemed like a good idea at the time. But now, we’re horrified by it.

    As an adult with Asperger’s, I don’t understand discrimination. As an LGBT, I’m thankful my parents never put me in boy scouts. What if your sons are gay? I can’t imagine how that would feel. Of course, they’d have to leave scouts. Maybe then, you’d realize that scouts aren’t so great after all.

    I’m sorry Cathy, but this post reeks of hypocrisy. But I guess people can find a way to rationalize anything.

  3. Climbing mountains, paddling rapids, making campfires, and cooking their own food will not change who my children love as adults.

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