Asterisks ‘r us

* ring-ring
** “Yes?”
*** “I’m on the driveway. Get out here. Hurry.”
**** <- runs outside in bare feet and a bathrobe ->
“What’s wrong? Are you hurt?”
“Can’t you hear it?”
“Hear what? Is it the raccoons?”
“Shhh. Listen. The frogs have returned.”

*My phone doesn’t ring, but for a little while at least, it’s a universally understood code for a phone that wants to be answered.

** I wasn’t answering rudely. My phone doesn’t ring because I have unique tones based on the caller. When the Doctor Who theme starts playing, I know it’s Doug on the phone.

*** The same location where he attempted to remove a finger with a table saw.

**** We have two large German Shepherds. Walking barefoot in our yard is a very bad idea.

In a single moment, I felt child-like joy, sheer terror, and complete stupidity. I love the frogs, but I’m a doofus to constantly assume Doug has injured himself.

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