Next time, I’ll shop online

I stood in line to pay for a chunk of plastic. Technically, it was a seat for the zipline, but if you looked at it, you saw a blue piece of plastic. There was only one register open and several people were in line behind me. Two of those people had very unhappy little people weeping in the baby seats of their shopping carts. Actually, one was a standing, screaming toddler being wrestled back into the seat, but you get the idea. We’ve all been there.

Clerk: ” Would you like to buy some batteries?”
Me: “No thank you.”
Clerk: “Would you like to purchase the extended warranty?”
Me: “No thank you.”
Clerk: “Would you like to join our shopper reward program?”
Me: “No.”
Clerk: “It only takes a few minutes to register for it.”
Me: “Please take my money and let me leave.”

I understand that retail stores are in business to sell things. In addition to those upselling training videos, there needs to be a common sense video. Moms and children who have miserable shopping experiences are not going to be return customers. Moms with wailing children who get a sympathetic clerk expediting their check-out will be return customers.

Besides, nobody needs an extended warranty for a chunk of plastic.

2 thoughts on “Next time, I’ll shop online

  1. maybe if there was a survey or email or something you should forward this to the store you were shopping at..or every store you shop at -for the most part all corporate type retail establishments have a script for employees to follow under pain of death…..well maybe not death exactly

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