Last night’s Haven

Two quick thoughts that might be spoiler-ish:

1. Kiara Glasco is going to be the next generation’s LiLo if she doesn’t start therapy, get a new agent and find less tortured roles to play.

2. It’s the coroner or the shrink. Was the shrink ever in the same room as faux Tommy? If no, then it is the shrink. If it’s not the shrink, then it’s the coroner.

4 thoughts on “Last night’s Haven

  1. My thoughts exactly. (Well, my first thought was Jordon, but she was around Tommy).

    But I’m pretty sure the shrink WAS in the same place as Tommy. So that leaves the coroner. I was wondering during the first part of the show why his role was suddenly so prominent.

  2. I would’ve thought the same about Dakota Fanning after “War of the Worlds”. Or maybe Carl in “Walking Dead”. I’m not sure, as a parent, I’d let my kid me those productions.

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