brain drain

Sometimes, Sawyer asks to snuggle. Most of the time, this means he wants to sit in my lap. I then carefully nudge him to talk, only to discover that he isn’t upset about anything. He just needed to be held for a while. I would put down a fire extinguisher and let the stove burn if Sawyer asked me for a snuggle. The snuggles mean everything to me.

Yesterday, Sawyer informed me as he left for school that he would need a snuggle when he got home. “This snuggle needs to be under the hot blanket.” Sawyer adores our nearly dead electric blanket (Gimli!) and I really need to get Sawyer his own electric blanket before next winter.

Sawyer arrived home from school and we tucked ourselves in my bed. Sawyer asked to play his current game obsession on the iPad. I decided that this snuggle wasn’t stress related and we proceeded to chat about his game.

“Do you know what cobblestones are?”
“Well, they’re bunches of rocks all stuck together and I have 37 of them.”
“Cool. What do you do with them.”
“Nothing right now. I need to kill chickens to make more arrows.”
“Can you catch and breed chickens or do you have to hunt them.”
“Well, this one time, I captured wolves and blah-blah-blah.”

I still don’t know if you can have a farm in the game. The warm blanket and Sawyer’s soft voice lulled me to sleep. The next thing I remember is SuperTween’s face four inches from mine as she loudly announced, “I texted dad and told him you are sleeping.”


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