Don’t drink alone

At least one weekend a month, the husband is away on a scout or work trip. A few weeks ago, his away weekend coincided with all of the children being on adventures of their own. Home alone with no transportation, I read all day and overindulged in the evening. Instead of passing out like a […]

conceptual nap

I think I like the idea of naps better than actual naps. Because I am perpetually exhausted, I always claim to be looking for the free time to nap. I never met a nap meme that I didn’t like and/or share. Naps sound luxurious and refreshing. If I actually take a nap in the late […]


“One of the gloves is spinning too fast. I hear it clicking.” “I don’t understand what you’re saying. I think you’re asleep.” “I’m not talking. It’s the gloves.” Either my child is a spy and I don’t understand her secret code or she’s experiencing Color Guard withdrawal. I’m going with spy. Spying is the new […]

Night games

Blanket-no-Blanket Every time the outside temperature drops a degree, ask for another blanket. Fall asleep under every blanket you own. In the middle of the night, start kicking at the excessive pile of blankets. Continue until all blankets are on the floor. Spend the next day washing every blanket you own. Repeat nightly. Imaginary Sleep […]

restless mind

You twist and flip on your left And then your flop on your right One hand’s under pillows You pull your blanket tight But it’s the kicking legs You really fear going insane You can’t stay asleep again You can’t stay asleep again *Apologies to Rocky Horror

cat zen

Gimli smiles in his sleep. While the dogs hint that they are dreaming of play by running and gurfing in their sleep, this cat relaxes completely. Sleep is the only time that Gimli is truly relaxed. Clearly, Gimli dreams about… sleeping.

brain drain

Sometimes, Sawyer asks to snuggle. Most of the time, this means he wants to sit in my lap. I then carefully nudge him to talk, only to discover that he isn’t upset about anything. He just needed to be held for a while. I would put down a fire extinguisher and let the stove burn […]

Second verse, same as the first

“I will see you in a few hours.” “Actually, I looked at the clock when I went in your room last night and it was 3. From now on, I’ll go to your bed at 3.” “I will see you at 3.” “You’re getting better at this.”