deliberate bruises

Once upon a time, first aid kits included snake venom extractors. StacheMan was in high school when he learned what they do.
Teenagers aren't very bright.

Professor Teen learned about venom extractors in middle school.
another Sawyer extractor victim

Snake venom extractors are now passé. Professionals discourage the usage of the suction devices. Sawyer will probably never know that such devices exist. That’s just as well. This week, second grader Sawyer joined his older brothers in the self-inflicted bruise club.

Sawyer’s first hickey.
his first hickey

2 thoughts on “deliberate bruises

  1. Hi all. I just wanted to make a few comments on the safety and efficacy of venom extractors. First, let me say I’ve been studying reptiles, specifically venomous species, for about six years. The most prevalent snakes in the United States are the Copperhead (Agkistrodon contortrix) and the Rattlesnake (genera Crotalus and Sistrurus). Copperhead bites are almost never life-threatening, with only two recorded cases of death in American history, all of which involved envenomations from multiple snakes. A. contortrix also has a primarily hemotoxic venom, which causes severe bleeding. In this instance, use of a sawyer extractor would cause more harm than good, owing to more blood loss.

  2. YES. Do not elevate. Also, I don’t know what constitutes oneself as a professional snake handler, but snake bite kits do more harm than good.

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