he’ll be selling bridges next

While Westley was *tutored weeks ago, I have stalled and dragged my feet on Buttercup’s surgery. I have an unhealthy fear of anesthesia and I’m terrified that surgery will reveal unseen birth defects. Today was Buttercup’s scheduled appointment and before we knew that the vet was ill and rescheduled us for next week, we had a morning of drama. I pouted. Sawyer wept and whined. SuperTween plotted to “accidentally” let Buttercup out of her crate.

When Sawyer came home from school to a woundless Buttercup, there was much rejoicing. He whispered to her that he wouldn’t let me take her to the vet next week. Then, he explained to his friend WHY she was going to the vet.

“They are gonna do an operation that makes it so she can’t have kittens.”
“Why are they taking away her kittens? I want a kitten.”
“How much money have you got?”
“How much does a kitten cost?”
“It’ll cost a thousand dollars a week for a kitten.”
“That’s too much.”
“Okay. I’ll sell you one of Buttercup’s kittens for a HUNDRED dollars a week.”
“I’ll go ask my dad for the money.”

I don’t know if I’m going to be in more trouble for selling something that doesn’t exist or the explanation of spaying that the child’s parents are going to have to give.

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