I don’t buy mascara

Once I aged out of the green and purple mascara phase, I stopped buying mascara. My mascara is now an ever changing supply of free samples, bonus gifts and giveaways. I don’t know how mascara manufacturers make any money when their product is given away like matchbooks in 1970s restaurants. Sometimes the sample is a blobby grossness that gets thrown in the trash, but most of the time, the quality is slight variations of perfectly fine. If I ever came across a mascara that was significantly better than all the others, I would add it to my shopping list. I have yet to come across a mascara that was worth giving up on the endless supply of free mascaras being distributed. When the cosmetic industry finally comes to their collective mascara senses, I hope they switch to lip gloss. I spend a fortune replacing the constantly disappearing, tiny tubes of goo that I chew off of my lips.

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