Evan’s DC Adventure – Day Two

Evan’s first day in DC was humid and exhausting. For day two, we slowed things down and focused on settling in somewhere to wait for fireworks. The only fault in our plan was the absence of a cooler full of drinks and a post-fireworks exit plan.

Before settling in for the fireworks, we visited the MLK Memorial. It was my first visit there and it is the perfect neighbor for the FDR Memorial. How the naysayers can’t see the in-your-face symbolism of moving mountains is odd. This memorial does seem less complete than the FDR Memorial and that may be by design to symbolize the unfinished work of Dr. King. I think the thing that is unsettling about this Memorial is its’ placement it in the shadow of the Jefferson Memorial. I hope that any future progress on the MLK Memorial addresses this. Until then, the Jefferson Memorial remains tomb-like, while the MLK Memorial quietly speaks volumes.

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