Knoxville Interstate vs Knoxville streets

Q: “Why do you try so hard to avoid the Interstate? There are no traffic lights to slow you down and it’s more direct than zig-zagging all over neighborhoods.” A: Knoxville Interstate drivers take it as a personal affront if someone merges in front of them and they aggressively try to avoid allowing anyone to […]

about the Megabus

I posted slideshows for every day of Evan’s DC adventure. I wrote about the things that we saw and did. I failed to write about the travel to and from DC on the Megabus. If you follow Doug or me on Twitter, you know that we tweeted the entire journey. It would have been easy […]

I did a bad, bad thing

When the National Mall fireworks ended, we marched with hordes of people down dark and unfamiliar streets, past waterfront restaurants that smelled like fishing piers and across a street that required walking down a flight of stairs and up a flight of stairs. At the end of the walking maze, we entered a Metro Station […]

Evan’s DC Adventure – Day Three

While day one’s theme was walk until everyone drops and day two’s theme was fireworks, day three’s theme was family. Evan and his cousin played with their food together at breakfast where I heard, “It’s chicken o’clock” TWICE in the same restaurant. That saying sounded so southern that I’m disappointed I haven’t heard it all […]

Evan’s DC Adventure – Day Two

Evan’s first day in DC was humid and exhausting. For day two, we slowed things down and focused on settling in somewhere to wait for fireworks. The only fault in our plan was the absence of a cooler full of drinks and a post-fireworks exit plan. Before settling in for the fireworks, we visited the […]

Evan’s DC Adventure – Day One

The highlight of this day for Evan was the Lincoln Memorial. His constant complaint was our excessive walking when there were so many bicycles and Segways everywhere. The highlight of the day for Doug was getting to try Uber. What was the highlight of the day for me? Teaching Evan to Ferris Bueller a museum.

Famous last words

“You know what would be REALLY fun? Let’s take the 9-y-o to DC on the Megabus and leave all of the other children home with the grandparents.”

Random New York mumblings

The main purpose of our trip to New York was Starving Artist’s Senior Art exhibit. I was the proudest parent in the room and I avoided sobbing and wailing, “Mah bay-bay is all growed up.” I did get teary a few times as I quietly observed the independent and self confident woman that she has […]

New York in May

I didn’t get as many pictures as I would like because it was pouring rain most of our visit. We have memories instead of photographs.

broken compass

All of my weather apps were consistently wrong while I was in Manhattan. If my app said cloudy, it was raining. If my app said no rain in the morning, it was raining in the morning. If my app said light showers, sideways rain and flipped umbrellas were accompanied by flash flood warnings. My phone’s […]