nerd life

She: “They updated the software on censored! They added censored and censored!”
He: “Let me see. Oooooh, sweet.”
She: “I want to take a picture of this screen.”
He: “No pictures. Violates the NDA.”
She: “Don’t they want people talking about the improvements?”
He: “Not with other people.”
She: “Don’t they want social media noise?”
He: “Nope. NDA.”
She: “I’m going to search online and see if anyone is talking about it.”
He: “You do that.”
She: “You go tell them that your wife wants to talk about it.”
He: “No.”
She: “Well, I’m going to blog about the much improved interface with new features.”
He: “As long as you don’t violate the NDA.”
She: “No problem.”

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