Just an idea

Book Lovers Con needs to add a bookshop of links the way LibertyCon did. Except maybe, make it sexier. I non-creepery stalk the various book cons that have participating writers who I’d sit and listen to for hours. I do the same with the National Book Festival, but I don’t fantasize about going to that […]

Ed tech

At some point, we need to accept that tech companies and Internet providers marketed technology to schools like television show drug dealers. Schools were gifted one year of devices that become obsolete in four years and/or two years of Internet access. Using online textbooks and resources, multimedia assignments, online testing and online grading weren’t just […]


Day one: Wave goodbye at the airport. Go to a movie. Take a nap. Read for several hours. Day two: Check email repeatedly. Day three: Follow chaperoning teachers on social media. Scour Instagram and Snapchat posts by strangers. Day four: Search for sightings on live webcams. Day five: Pace house. Whine. Search for excuse to […]

tech wary

My husband calls himself a gadget junkie. He somehow manages to get new tech in our house on a regular basis. I greet most of it with a suspicious side eye. It isn’t because things that don’t matter to him, like the children’s Cartoon Network, get the budget axe while things you operate with a […]

Housesitter Instructions – Utilities

If you need to adjust the temperature in the house, click the thermostat and rotate to the menu screen. It might be easier if you download the app. I will need to create a profile for you. text me and I will change the thermostat settings for you. If the smoke alarm goes off, I […]

nerd life

She: “They updated the software on censored! They added censored and censored!” He: “Let me see. Oooooh, sweet.” She: “I want to take a picture of this screen.” He: “No pictures. Violates the NDA.” She: “Don’t they want people talking about the improvements?” He: “Not with other people.” She: “Don’t they want social media noise?” […]

protect my nest

Random thought after listening to the trash can get blown down the driveway by a strong gust of wind: Since our smoke detector *talks to us and the connected thermostat knows the weather conditions, how difficult would it be for tornado warning alerts to be sent to the talking smoke detector? “Go to the basement. […]

dad will fix it

Supertween: “Daaaaad, my Netflix is broken.” Dad: “What’s wrong with it?” Supertween: “Well, I couldn’t remember the password, so I signed up for a free trial and now the trial is over.” Dad: twitch-twitch Supertween: “Can you fix it?” Dad: “I’ll see what I can do.”

Amazon > Apple

The best part about a naughty kitten eating your laptop cord isn’t the $80 replacement cord. It’s being ignored by the hipster Apple Store employees. I’m sure they see me and mentally decide that I’m there to talk about AOL or my dial-up connection, but I’ve spent thousands of dollars in that store. I know […]

Cleaning up my tech clutter

It was fine and dandy to have a nest of tangled power cords on and under my desk when my workspace was in the kitchen. When I moved my space to the basement, the mess of cables became a distraction. So, I began my quest to clean up my mess by counting the number of […]