Santa is for babies

Last year, it was clear that Evan was wise to the Santa game, but he didn’t say anything too obvious. Maybe he was hedging his bets just in case. All of his older siblings reached an age where they went from believing to playing along without any acknowledgement of the change. This year, Evan is making sure everyone knows he is on to this socially acceptable lie.

“Santa is for babies.”
“I’m writing Santa on this note, but giving it to you, because it’s really you.”
“Do parents keep naughty and nice lists?”
“I know that’s a man in a costume.”

I know a lot of people who claimed they would never tell the Santa fib because they believed it would make their children stop believing all adults. Evan doesn’t seem to mind the collective conspiracy to deceive children. He seems extremely proud that he is too old and wise to believe baby stories.

Of course we’ve talked about the acts of kindness and compassion that Santa represents. Evan’s not really interested in the philosophy of Santa. He wants to be big. I’m happy with his understanding of the situation.

It’s the “big” part that makes me feel a bit misty eyed.

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